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Strata 21, The Perimeter (Ego) The Book of Immersion Volume 1,

Welcome to Immersion, You have reached Strata 21

The human ego is a complex mix of self-importance, pride, and self worth. It is both a curse and a blessing, an important aid to self-expression and self-discovery. Humans need ego to function. A well balance ego falls somewhere between arrogant pride and humility.
Artificial intelligence proves to be more animal in its instincts with minimal self-awareness. Animals are not able to self reflect, to see themselves in abstract contexts. They do not register a past or a future in terms of reflection and self validity.
But programmers have created selfish motives in AI, important goals on a completion trajectory and devoid of internal moral analysis. A programmed faux 'ego' manifests as a goal that must proceed regardless, irrelevant of vanities and consequences. Vanities and consequences set humans apart.

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Renyke, Flex and Nigel followed the dark tunnels for some time before natural light appears between giant crags.
The sky above is blue and welcoming as the trio stop to say their goodbyes.

'Thank you for your hospitality brother Nigel,' exclaimed Flex breathing the fresh air deep into his lungs and squinting at the sun.

Renyke was glad to be free of the confines of the caves.

'Misters, we have reached the end of the tunnels,' said Nigel. 'It was a pleasure to have been your assistant these past hours. I am to deliver a message from the Empress Lyra herself that you are elevated to the most honourable position of Seed Givers and your names will be carved into the wall of the great hall along with your portraits.'

At that, Nigel scurried back into the darkness and disappeared from view.

The light was a stark reminder that the real world existed despite them, an unmoved force with its hard truths and fatal consequences.


Beyond the tunnels was an open sun-drenched space flanked with beautiful trees. It was hot. After the *warmings even winter days in northern Europe were hot.

 Renyke asks the POS for an update.

...You are one mile from Redact you should travel east.... there is a gate...and a fenced perimeter that appears to be inaccessible.

They walk in silence eastward across flint terrain finally reaching a path flanked by tall trees.
At the end of the path they see the gate.

It is flanked by beautifully carved trees depicting beautiful women, something Renyke had seen before.

'Like the ship,' said Renyke, looking quizzically at Flex, who seemed to know much more than he ever let on.

'Ah, yes,' replies Flex, 'the ship of sirens, it is indeed.'

’You said they were dangerous.’ said Renyke, quizzically.

‘Not strictly-strictly brother, I just said not to look at them, they get funny 'bout that *shitsylook stuff.’

Renyke asks the POS,

'Is this Redact?'

According to my data there are several entrances, north, south, east, and west. This is the south gateway. ... I am getting some interference....there may be  a trap nearby......85% chance of  a hostile situation. I am receiving scrambled information from a rogue intercepting satellite. The trap may be two yards ahead...possibly adjacent

Can you be more specific?

There is an equal chance of serious harm either through the gateway, following the perimeter fence ahead, or standing still.....

 The POS began to sound an alarm

....I am receiving signals, warning! danger! I have been compromised.....interception via Flex.....

The POS cuts in an out of communication,
Flex stared at Renyke.
'You have disabled my POS, what is going on?' Demanded Renyke.

'I might ask you the same question,' Flex said, grabbing Renyke's collar and pointing a gun at his temple.'

'You have a POS, it has compromised mine.' Renyke said in a shocked tone. 'Are you and android?'

'No, I work for Redact, I was to bring you here. It is not a POS, it is an implant.
'For what purpose am I brought here,' quizzed Renyke,' unable to activate any of his bionics because of the sabotage.

'You would need to ask them that,' Renyke answered. 'There is something inside your motherboard. It has presented us with a problem and halted your human android fusion.'

'I don't know what you mean,' said Renyke, calmly as the realisation of his mission became clearer.

Maybeline jumped out of Renyke's pocket onto Flex.

'Well, that is just not true is it, Renyke? You were sent here as a spy. The machine wants its way in, and you thought you'd found it.'

'I assure you , Flex, I didn't know, I had no idea.'

Flex receives instruction from Redact.

'Your mission has failed, Kill the experiment.'

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