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Immersion Chapter 18 Let's Go Swimming (Pleasure and Pain)

Welcome to Immersion, you have reached Strata 18

Let’s go swimming 

Where the ocean never ends

Where the lost and lonely people

Catch up with their friends

Where the water babies go

These seas to ever roam

In search of mother’s love

Thrown from the ships above 

Let’s go swimming 

Where no one ever grows

Where time stands ever still

 For the crying ones who chose 

To walk the sandy beds

With the bubbles of the dead

To guide them without dread

Let’s go swimming 

Under the seven seas

Naked in our dreams

Where warrior women freed

Search their babes in weeds

Let’s go swimming 

With angels mighty wings

Whose death songs always sing

In the echos from the shells

With lovers saved from Hell

Let’s go swimming 

Let's stop this marching time

Enrapture love sublime

To save it from the tide

©2022 Sarnia de la Maré FRSA

Pain and pleasure are sensory and emotional experiences constructed in the brains of humans. Chemicals, experiences, and situations perpetuate the effects of these mamallion phenomenon which stem from almost identical internal processes deeply rooted in biology.
Endorphins can block pain as well as create euphoria, activating and stimulating the human brain's limbic and prefrontal regions – those similarly activated by music or by passionate love affairs.
The mammalian central nervous system has pleasant touch-specific neurons that transmit enjoyable or ecstatic signals up through the human spine.
Machines lack these complex systems and do not hurt when threat or actual force is applied to their parts. But for the same reason, they do not feel the pleasure of touch. The best they can do is pretend. But this process would be for a human's pleasure, not their own.

Abstract painting of swimmers underwater
Flex removed his clothes and left them in an untidy pile on the grass.

Renyke, still somewhat unstable on his feet, followed suit.

'Come on, don't be scared,' shouts Flex from the water, 'I'll teach you how to swim.'

The blue water was cold and yet exhilarating. It rippled over Renyke's skin like a moving shroud. He stared at his hands floating on the surface of this strange organic compound. The water stroked him like a lover and he remembered Shabra.

'This is how she feels....' Renyke mumbled holding his closed eyes toward the sun.

Flex ducked him under the water and after a short time and a few panicked moments to the bottom of the fjord, Renyke got the hang of staying afloat.

'If you want to swim under the water,' Flex explained, 'take three slow deep breathes before thrusting downwards and slowly let air out as you swim deeper for equilibrium. It's important to stay calm. Panic wastes air. You will find you can hold your breath longer under water than above it. If your ears hurt, you went too deep. Oh and remember to come up for air in case you pass out and die.'

Armed with alarming but good advice, Renyke disappeared to play with fishes and check for mermaids, recalling his seemingly prophetic dreams. 

Maybeline and Flex played tag amongst the reeds and the warm sun rays hit the river with a blanket of human promise.

'Oi!' Flex shouted with urgency, exiting  the water at speed.

Renyke and Maybeline watch the commotion on the grass.

'Pleases don't hurt me, please don't hurt little Nigel.'

A small pale strangely formed man, around three feet tall, wriggled his feet as Flex held him up to the sky.

'What were you doing with our stuff?' demanded Flex. 'I saw you Mr. *freak. Don't be taking me for no *fucksyfool.'

'Look, look, I bring the new clothes for the guests....look look.'
Nigel pointed to two piles of clean clothes and towels on the grass next to their dirty things.
'Nigel just *welcummin da new guest to da tunnels, promise.'

'Hmmmmmm,' said Flex suspiciously, lowering Nigel to the ground.

Renyke was already putting on a crisp shirt and clean pants. 

'They feel nice, you should put yours on,' said Renyke, 'you stink, Flex.'

'We bin *epsceting da misters, very long time. Please dress quick-quick, we got foodstuffs for the misters,' explained Nigel beckoning his well dressed guests to an opening near a tree.

©2024 Sarnia de la Maré FRSA

to be continued......

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